Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Santa Clara

Hey Everybody!!!
How is it going?? I hope that everything is going well! I am doing well once again. This week we got news of the transfers....and guess what???  Elder Nilsson is going to stay here one more transfer! So that was exciting news he is going to be here in this area for 6 and half months! haha. It is a lot. but it is great also we have been working really hard and having a lot fun in the process. We had a baptism this week of the Hermana Iliana! I hope that you enjoy the pictures! It was really beautiful the service. We are really happy for her and the changes that she has made in her life so that she could come and receive the blessings of the gospel! She has overcome a lot and still has a long way to go. The other lady in the picture is her mom Margarita. We are hoping to work with her and help her get to receive these blessings as well. Because she is very special too. They are a family that have a very dysfunctional household. There are aunts and uncles who live there that are always fighting. It is kind of interesting because we never know what we are going to walk into when we visit them. But we are so happy for her and we are hoping that the family can feel the spirit and receive an answer that is the correct path for them too! 
We are also planning another baptism this upcoming week. We are really excited for Imelda who is really excited to get baptized and be apart of the church. She is really special too! We are trying to work with her kids and her husband because they are great family and they would be wonderful members all of them. The husband says that he has vices that he does not want to give up. haha. We explained to him the things that he needs to do in order to be part of the church. He seemed a little more interested because he realized that it is not that much! haha. He is a good man and I think that the hermana is going to help bring him in along with her kids. We are hoping to have some more success with these two families. Because we all know that it is god for one person to join the church but it is better for the whole family to receive the blessings of the gospel and enter the temple to be sealed! So pray for these families that they can receive answers that this is the one and only true church on the earth! PLEASE! haha. 
I love you all so much! I am so grateful for the support you give me! I feel your love and your prayers everyday! It is something really special to have the support I have! I am so grateful! I hope that you all have a great week and I will talk to y´all next week! :)
Con Amor Elder Oliver

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