Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Mexican Construction Cone

Hey Everybody!!!
Elder Oliver once again in a little internet server here in Mexico! So to start off I am doing very well! I am healthy and having a great time here Mexico! Today we went bowling with a few other elders! And guess what??????? I had a 4 bagger! if you do not know what that means it is 4 strikes in a row! And anybody who knows how great of a bowler I am you know that it is a straight up miracle! So that was awesome. It was funny because I started off with 4 gutter balls in a row and followed it up with 4 strikes haha. I am just silly sometimes. So to explain why I named this letter Mexican construction cone....I put a picture of a hole in the road here in my area. And what they do to warn people that there is a giant hole in the road is they put a bunch of branches in it. haha. But it gets the job done! So I definitely cannot judge! 
So we had a good week of work! We found some new investigators and we had a few that went to church for the first time. We had 7 people come to church so that was really exciting! We have been working really hard with the families of Imelda and Iliana. They are really great people and they just need to trust in the Lord but right now they fault a the faith. But that is why we are here to give them the opportunity for their faith to grow. It has been great trying to help them receive the gospel. We have an investigator who we found that has recently lost his wife. It has been less than a year since she passed. When we found him he said that he was really sad and that he missed his wife. He was somebody who needed the gospel. I mean obviously everybody needs the gospel. But he was someone who needed hope. He needed to know that it was possible for him to see his wife again. We had a few lessons with him and then we lost contact. He didn´t answer our phone calls he didn´t try and make contact after we had called. We ended up finding him this week! We are really excited to start teaching him again! He is a really great person and has a great family! They need these blessings! 
Sometimes in the mission when people fall through or we have to drop an investigator it makes you reflect. It makes you reflect on how you are doing as a missionary if you are really doing all that you can to help these people. It is something that is good to think about because I am able to find so many things that I can do better. I am grateful for the mission because not only am I helping other people become better! But I am helping myself become better too. I am sooooooooo far from where I need to be that sometimes I can feel overwhelmed. I think a lot people feel that way sometimes. But that is what is so awesome about the gospel that we can always repent everyday and become better and better little by little. Perfecting ourselves one step at a time. There is a quote I like that I am pretty sure is from David O. Mckay that says "the gospel is to make bad men good, and good men better" I love it! We are never done there never comes a point that  we can say "Yup I sure got this gospel thing down" We are always going to have something that we can improve. I think it is so great. Great, great, great. Anyways if you are ever feeling down there are to great scriptures that always help pick me up. Joshua 1:9. and D&C 68:6. 
I love the mission! I love all of you! For the support you give me! Your prayers and letters and packages and love! I hope that all of you have a great thanksgiving! I will be thinking of you all! I hope you all are safe on black Friday or as my dad told me it sounds like it will be starting 9 on Thursday. which is a little crazy. Here in Mexico black Friday is a week long and it is this week too so we will see how that goes! haha. Love you all so much Have a great week! Till next time!
Con Amor Elder Oliver


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