Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Good Week!

Hey Everybody!!!
Elder Oliver writing in a little internet cafe here in Mexico! Just to start off I am doing very well! I am healthy and today we were able to enjoy a whopper from burger king so I cant complain. :) it has been my second fast food experience here in Mexico I think my second week I went to KFC. haha. It is nice to get a break from beans and salsa. Don't get me wrong I really enjoy them! But some good American greasy food was a nice change :)
So this week Me and Elder Nilsson enjoyed many blessings. Besides the whopper we were able to have a lot of lessons this week. The area here in Alamedas is really progressing. We were able to find some new people and they were able to come to church and feel the peace and comfort the being in the house of the Lord brings. We are hoping to have some baptisms by the end of the Month but we need to keep working hard to make sure that they can receive all the blessings that the  Lord has prepared for them. 
One thing from conference that I have been thinking a lot about is from the talk of Elder Richard G Scott. I know this was not the point of his message. But when he was reading journal entries from his wife`s journal. I thought that was such a special experience. It made me reflect here in the mission. I am having some awesome incredible experiences. And I sometimes arrive at the house so exhausted from walking up the hills all day that I don't take the time to write in my journal. It is something that I felt really bad about. Because this is a special time I have here in the mission. I don't want to forget all the things that are happening. So I am going to be more diligent in writing in my journal. That was my moment of reflection for the week haha. 
I also received some great news today. That the Arizmendi Family got baptized and confirmed this week. Along with sister Rosalia. They are the family of 5 and the other investigator I had when I was with Elder Cruz in Pensamiento. So here are the pictures from there baptisms and Elder Cruz on the left with his new companion on the right. It really was such a special moment for me to here that they got baptized. I really came to love them and I am sad that I could not be there for their baptism but I know that the Lord needed me here in my new area. But I was just so happy for them and I cannot wait for the day when they are going to be sealed in the temple. I hope that I have the opportunity to be with there when it happens! It would be really special. But that was news I received today and it was a great way to cap off a great week. 
I hope that you all had a great week. I am really hoping that everybody is doing well. I pray for you all everyday! And I am grateful for your love and your prayers and support you have no idea how much they mean to me!!!
Con MUCHO AMOR Elder Oliver

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